29 April 2014

Since BK and CR hatched Easter weekend they have nearly doubled in size. Jasper has been bringing in a sufficient amount of food to feed the two hungry chicks. We are anticipating showers and thunderstorms tonight through Friday so Jasper may find a bit of difficulty in fishing for his family during this timeframe.

There has been a bit of aggression between the two chicks, but nothing overwhelming. There doesn't seem to be a clear winner in these fights since both are close in age. If there was more timespan between the two chicks then we might see fratricide, where a chick kills the other through biting and pecking. Just after the above picture was taken Jasper brought a fish to the nest. CR immediately began pecking BK while BK ate. After several minutes of been attacked BK turned and fought back with CR submitting to BK.  Bea did not interfere with the fighting, as is normal. She eventually moved to CR's side and fed him/her.

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