13 June 2014

Updated 16:09
Both BK and CR are getting a little wind under their wings this afternoon. Both juveniles have been flapping their wings and hopping about the nest.

As we watch and wait for BK and CR to both fledge, the juveniles continue to preen. Preening is very important as it maintains waterproofing of their feathers. An osprey has a large preen gland located on its back near the base of the tail feathers. This secretes an oily substance which the osprey coats its feathers with when grooming. Additionally, ospreys do not have an aftershaft, the small extra feather that is at the base of the larger feathers on most other birds. Its absence helps the osprey to lose water droplets after fishing. Keeping their feathers in tip top condition is one of the most important things for a young osprey to learn.


carol mullins said...

Tomorrow for sure!

carol mullins said...

I'm beginning to think these guys are CHICKEN(s)!