29 May 2014

The two chicks, CR and BK, left to right, have grown into beautiful juveniles in just 39 & 40 days, respectively. The juveniles resemble the adults in almost every aspect, but their dark back feathers are white-tipped, their eyes are orange, and they tend to have fewer markings on their chests (necklace). Juvenile plumage is generally replaced by adult plumage by 18 months of age.

Juvenile osprey generally fledge in about seven to ten weeks of age. Gradually, we should see both CR and BK begin their wing-flapping and lifting themselves off the nest in anticpation of their first flight. They will stay with their parents for several weeks while they learn to fish and improve their flying skills. The family will go their separate ways once they begin the fall migration.

21 May 2014

Just updated our osprey gallery with 59 photos. Hope you enjoy them!

19 May 2014

Updated photo of BK, background, and CR, foreground.

08 May 2014

It's been 2-1/2  weeks since BK and CR hatched. They are now growing they're rusty-gold pin feathers which appear on the head and neck. Darker body, or contour, feathers follow a little later and finally the outer feathers of the wing and tail, known as the primary large or secondary small flight feathers, and rectrices, or tail flight feathers appear at about three to four weeks. The chicks should have their full set of feathers at about six weeks old.

05 May 2014

With the temperatures near 90, Bea is sheltering the two chicks, BK and CR, from the sun. Ospreys get most of the water they need from the fish they eat.


01 May 2014

BK, left, and CR this morning.