12 March 2015

The last and third egg was laid either March 7th or 8th. Every season since Bea and Jasper have occupied the platform the pair has had three eggs per clutch. 

Jasper continues to improve the nest with both sharing incubating duties. With an incubation time frame of 5 to 6 weeks we are looking around the week of April 6 for the first chick to appear. The third chick will be at a distinct disadvantage if it hatches 6 days or so after the first chick.

Because incubation starts when the first egg is laid, the eggs hatch asynchronously in the order in which they were laid. Chicks that hatch first are larger and have a competitive advantage over those that are hatch later. If food becomes scarce, the smaller chicks are less successful in competing for food, and often die. This decrease in the number of chicks in the nest makes food more available to the surviving chicks, and increases their likelihood of survival. This process, common in raptors, is called brood reduction.

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birdgirl said...

Thanks for the update and the beautiful close up of the eggs. It will be hard to watch the youngest chick trying to survive if, in fact, it hatches, and I'm praying that three chicks make it to fledge!

Thanks, too for the longer viewing time!

Vivian, GA