08 April 2015

Bea has seemed a bit impatient and unable to sit still today. Maybe she senses a chick to be hatching soon.


birdgirl said...

Just looked in, and did I see the beginnings of a pip? Bea got back on the eggs before I could enlarge the screen.

Vivian, GA

moderator said...


You may have. I'll have to zoom in quickly when Bea adjusts herself.

"Pipping" refers to the process of the chick initially breaking through the shell, using a hard projection on its bill called the egg tooth. The resulting hole is the "pip" that the chick then enlarges to finish hatching.

It can take as long as a day for the chick to fully hatch.

Lolita Watson said...

Is it unusual for the male not to be around? There's only been one adult on "my nest" here in the Beaufort for the past 2 days..that adult seems to be doing some pretty serious nest-sitting but I don't see her eating!!

moderator said...

Good morning Lolita,

If the nest has eggs then Yes, I would say that is unusual. It's possible the male became injured while fishing. If the male was healthy it would be unusual for it to disappear at the stage of breeding season.