28 April 2015

This week marks the seventh week since all three chicks hatched. Since then they have grown tremendously. DG is expressing more dominance over the other two chicks AA and WC. It is possible that DG is the oldest. We've always noticed the eldest of chicks being the dominant sibling where more than one exist. We couldn't get close up pictures of the first born until the second chick arrived so we may be mistaken of who actually hatched first AA or DG. 

For the books though we have AA first and DG second. The three continue to do well and they are beginning the growth of their pin feathers while maintaining their brownish fuzz.


Anonymous said...

Many thanks for the update.
The board is gone :)


moderator said...


The board was moved closer to the right edge as the day progressed eventually falling off. I'm sure it wasn't easy getting it up there.