27 May 2015

I am shocked that WC has held on this long. DG continues to torment the smallest chick by pulling out its back feathers and continually pecking away at its back and neck. As AA eats first, DG harasses WC. I had hoped the situation would improve as the chicks aged, but now as they are older the physical damage seems to be taking its toll on WC.


Anonymous said...

poor little guy. he's made it so long. hopefully he will pull through.

Anonymous said...

Darn it...
Hang on WC


joe rively said...

If WC were a dog/cat he/she would be in a "foster home" long ago.

B-Bug said...

Has something happened to WC...
Not moving :(


moderator said...

WC is moving around now. Looks as if DG got to him/her again. WC has a few back feathers sticking up.

Unknown said...

so tough to see WC trying to stay alive. I am wondering if there is enough food being brought to the nest.

Moderator...have you any idea if food is scarce this year.

it is 233pm(EST) and WC is at the 3 o clock side of the nest.
Head still down after aggressive attacks from sibling.

Mom still has food right now..can't see how much. Hopefully the remaining sibling will move away and allow WC to eat something.

moderator said...

Jasper, the male parent, is bringing in plenty of fish. DG is extremely aggressive towards WC when fish is brought to the nest. AA on the other hand barely notices WC at all.

Initially, AA and DG fought, but DG then turned its hostilities towards WC. WC naturally cowers these last few weeks for good reason. Thankfully WC seems to eat more than before, but it is also taking more abuse from DG.

It is hard to watch the attacks that WC is receiving.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comments and information about the fish deliveries. I guess you could say that is good news.

Oh dear a small fish is brought in and mom has it now. WC is lying at the 10 o clock side of the nest. Hopefully DB will let WC eat something.

I don't see any movement of WC though :-(

One of the chicks moved in for food. I am guessing it is DG standing near WC, keeping WC from standing up.

339pm...Still no movement from WC.,.I really hope that WC makes it but I am afraid that the abuse is taking its toll.

Anonymous said...

344pm(EST)...WC is still. No movement at all :-(
It is Nature's way of survival...One of the chicks is still feeding while DG stands guard near WC.

Anonymous said...

WC has mom between the sibs and him. I stepped away for 10 minutes but it looks like WC may have gotten some food...at least.

WC is at the 11 o clock side of nest. Standing up...stretching its neck.
Standing up (remarkably) and faces cam momentarily; then heads for mom's tail for some shade.

356pm...Mom is standing near the center of the nest...at 9 o clock position. Good to see WC has shade from her tail.

Anonymous said...

404pm hopefully Jasper will bring in a big fish now. DG and AA are almost full so (hopefully) DG will allow WC to eat.

DG and AA are at the 6 o clock side of the nest. Mom hasn't moved much...still standing offside from center of nest at 9 o clock position.

WC is near her tail. Can only see 3/4 of WC's body. Good WC has some shade for its exposed back.

Anonymous said...

to moderator...how many times have you seen WC with a full crop aside from your last post?

is WC getting (at least) fed each day? Once..twice..????

moderator said...

A full crop for WC, probably once. I have seen WC eat at least once a day sometimes twice. Though WC usually doesn't receive the "prime" choice of fish as the other two juveniles receive.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for answering my question. At least WC does get "something"
Jasper just needs to haul in more fish...

whoops...new view of nest. Mom moved to right side (4 o clock), facing toward the center of the nest.
WC is at the 3 o clock side, looking toward mom.
One juvie standing under mom, facing cam.
Other juvie at 7 o clock side.

Anonymous said...

WC near center of nest. stands up...wings stretch...heads toward the 6 o clock side of nest.
Now at center of nest, facing cam; leaning back on its leg and preening.
Moves toward mom. Head under her breast for shade.