29 May 2015

Today marks the beginning of the seventh week since AA, the first chick, was hatched. AA and DG, the second chick, have grown quite large and in the last week have begun jumping about the nest and flapping their wings, causing them to become stronger. WC, the youngest chick, has had a tough time since hatching. With AA and DG being the dominant chicks, WC has received less fish to consume which is evident in their size comparison...(see photo below).

We hope to see DG focus less on attacking WC whenever the mood strikes so the little chick can eventually fledge.

DG, WC and AA


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the photo and update.

I am viewing the nest and I see mom at the top of the nest. WC is lying beneath her, facing to the left.

The other 2 sibs are at the lower part of the nest. WC looks so sad. Did WC get any food today?

moderator said...

We haven't seen WC eating today. I have a feeling WC hasn't eaten because when he/she has an opportunity to get to Bea, he/she rushed over to her. I'm sure WC is hungry. Will post if we see WC eat later today.

Anonymous said...


WC looks like he/she is in a weaken state. I fear that there isn't much more time for WC
Such a fighter...I really hope and pray that WC gets food today.

right now WC is lying in front of Bea who is still at the top of the nest.
WC is facing to the left.
At least WC is capable of moving. Needs food.

Please keep me posted. I am getting ready for work now. Appreciate your obs.

moderator said...

We agree and will post the nest events. Thanks for viewing!!