29 May 2015

WC eating again....


birdgirl said...

WC finally eating is great news. I hope the "big bully" will finally leave little WC alone. Who knows, WC might grow into the strongest of the three! :-)

Vivian, GA

Anonymous said...

thanks for the great news! I was getting worried but I should have more faith in WC

appreciate your updates!! Thanks a million :-)

Anonymous said...

is there any possibility that you will get an upgraded live webcam?

Anonymous said...

332pm)EST) 3 sibs are at the 9 o clock side of the nest, facing outward.
They are lined up with the older ones at top and WC at the 7 o clock position.

WC just did a stretch with his/her head, looked about then back to sleep again.

Mom is at the top of the nest, at the 1 o clock position, facing left.

Beautiful afternoon again. Temp at 80 degrees.

Anonymous said...

345pm(EST)...missed exact time of fish delivery.

Mom is feeding the older chicks at the top of the nest. I hope the fish is large enough or the 2 older ones were stuffed from an earlier feed so WC can get something.

WC is near the center of the nest, facing outward with his/her head cowering:-( with its wings slightly spread apart.
From this angle, WC looks so small. Feathers on its back is trying to grow back.

Anonymous said...

looks like there is nothing left for WC :-( food is gone
older sibs move away from mom and head to the right side of the nest.

WC gets up and turns to the left. Back to previous position (7 o clock)

WC is able to left his/her head now and is standing up, looking outward. Got a glimpse of his/her crop. Looks full. Phew.

mom left nest.

Anonymous said...

hopefully WC will get bolder like Flag did at the Dennis Puleston nest


409pm: mom back. Seems agitated...possible intruder around. All babies hunkered down.

410pm thin fish brought by dad. looks about 10 inches long.
WC doesn't notice delivery...head down, facing away from mom who is feeding one of the chicks at the 3 o clock position.
I am not sure if it is the oldest sib that is lying behind WC.

414pm WC standing up now but not moving toward mom. Definitely showing a full crop!

Anonymous said...

WC finally gets up and moves to the top of the nest.

Mom standing at the 11 o clock position near top of nest. She still has a smallish half of the fish.

WC appears not interest in eating. Standing near mom's tail, looking outward.

WC still not interested and continues to look outward.
WC capable of standing erect...good sign. WC moves to the right and heads toward the 3 o clock side of nest. Definitely full crop.

one of older sibs (female) trying out its wings. I think that is the one that was 'beating up' WC.
Wc now in center of nest. No more fish left.

moderator said...

To answer the question of...is there any possibility that you will get an upgraded live webcam?

We considered live streaming of the osprey nest a few years ago and decided against it to reduce our cost of publishing the nest to the public. We installed a new camera in January of 2013 which has streaming capabilities. At this time we will still continue to present live still shots, not to say that won't change in the future.

Anonymous said...

June 1 (703am)

Cam turned on. Close up of 3 siblings in the nest, lying side by side. Hope that is a good sign that the harassment of WC is subsiding.

I am guessing...from left to right, WC, AA and DC.

I wasn't able to view the events during the 31st. Did WC get anything??
WC's feathering is a bit scraggly :-( and he/she is still undersized in comparison to the others. Darn.

I do have a question...if WC makes it...but will not be able to fly...will a nearby wildlife sanctuary be contacted?

cam view changes to entire nest. Mom is at the top of the nest, looking to the left.
Looks like it will be another beautiful but HOT day.

WC stretching out his/her left leg. Still appears to be trying to get more sleep.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for your reply about the webcam. Having livestream must be expensive.
Appreciate the picture quality of the cam. Thank you for hosting this site.

Enjoying it from Hawaii! It is 118am here

moderator said...

Good morning Anonymous,

If WC does not fledge we plan on contacting The Center for Birds of Prey.

I noticed WC appeared to have more feathers on its back this morning as well. We're hoping DG gives up on its attacks of WC. Keep watching and thanks for all your comments!!

Anonymous said...

737am (EST)

That is wonderful news about The Center for Birds of Prey.

Even though WC looks scraggly, I noticed he/she feathering is a little better near the back of its neck.

WC preening. Chest looks a bit concave. Can't tell from angle. On a positive note..at least he/she is interested in taking care of his/her feathering.

WC gets up and is standing at the left side of the nest. Got a better view of he/she back feathers. Looking better!

Is it my imagination but WC looks a lot bigger today.

fish delivery. small size. older sibs approach mom for breakfast. WC cowers at the upper left side of the nest.

moderator said...

Believe WC appears a bit larger. Would be great of Jasper could bring in a few large flounder where all three juveniles, especially WC, could get a full meal.

Anonymous said...

I agree...looks like it is another beautiful day. I always see Jasper bring in a smallish fish to the nest. Maybe his luck will change and fishing will be plentiful.

I don't know if you can go back to previous frames but at 806:39am WC did a beautiful wing stretch :-)

Previous fish delivery was small so everyone is waiting for more food.

Anonymous said...

Mom and sibs all at the left side of the nest, facing outward.
Two older sibs at the 10 o clock position...Bea to their right and WC next to mom.

Sunny day. temp 80.2(real feel 81); little wind.

Anonymous said...

WC head erect but can't tell if he/she has a full crop.
Energy level same, but wish WC's feathering and body size improves.

what is the exact hatch dates of each chick?

This is the 8th week...supposedly the 2 older sibs should start fledge. Maybe they will leave so that WC will benefit.

WC is still in no condition to fly.

WC standing up, facing left and I can see WC's crop slightly rounded.

Anonymous said...

WC's crop does look rounded. but not bulging.

2 older sibs still in same position, lying down and facing to the left.
WC is erect, using his/her legs for support and facing left.

Mom absent from nest.

Anonymous said...

im not seeing movement from WC. moderator are you seeing him active and or eating?

Anonymous said...


WC near center of nest at 9 o clock position, looking toward the top of the nest.
I think...WC must have gotten some fish because his/her crop looks slightly full.

other 2 older sibs are facing mom who is standing at the 3 o clock side of the nest.

intruder alert by mom, but is is momentary. Chicks are not alarmed.

I really hope that the feathers (esp the ones at WC's back) grows back!

good night all!!