19 May 2015

Well this is a first for us.  Jasper brought in a very tiny fish and Bea, AA and DG didn't take notice of it.  WC has taken the small fish and is attempting to eat it without Bea tearing the fish for him/her. We are pretty sure that WC is basically starving.

The chore of feeding is left to the female because a fish is normally too tough for a chick to eat a fish itself. Hopefully little WC will be successful at keeping this fish to itself and has the strength to tear it and be able to eat. 

WC was unable to eat and gave up. Bea is now feeding WC.


birdgirl said...

A good sign that Bea is feeding WC. I hope she will continue to realize that WC needs special attention and that WC will hold strong!

Vivian, GA

Anonymous said...

I assume that some kind intervention to help WC would be next to impossible? If WC could get there, could someone like The Center for Birds of Prey help, or is it best to just let nature take its course?

Tim Wheeler
Clarks Hill, SC

moderator said...

Good morning Tim,

To climb our communications tower the climber has to be certified for tower climbing. We let nature take its course and do not to interfere with natural processes unless an osprey is entangled in fishing line, netting, etc.