12 June 2015

AA, the oldest of the three, hovered over the nest for a period of time so this juvenile might be fledging soon.


Anonymous said...

would it be possible you could get a close up of WC?

Anonymous said...

Several times today there were only two birds on the nest!

Anonymous said...

june 15

AA and WC near center of nest, each facing in opposite directions. Looks like another sunny day at the nest.

current temp 75 but should reach 94 (10 degrees higher than same time last year) by noon

Hopefully breakfast will be served soon

Anonymous said...

june 16

AA and WC at the center of the nest. WC snoozing. Feathering seems to be improving each day, but still remains small in stature.

Does DC now spend nights in the nearby trees?

Anonymous said...

june 16

current temp is 90 (real feel is 87)
clear and beautiful afternoon
wind to 6mph

AA at bottom of the nest...only partial back and tail can be seen

WC is behind AA. Looks like WC got fed today...crop is very full.

Anonymous said...

june 16

Mom is back and so is DC. Mom is at top of nest and DC at the upper left corner.

Looks like there is a lot of sqwuaking,,WC carefully watches DC

Mom has no fish

Anonymous said...

With all the damage to his feathers, do we expect WC to ever fly?

Anonymous said...

june 17
922pm EST

Just viewed the cam which stopped at 1959pm
WC is preening at the top of the nest...all alone.

AA fledged today?