05 June 2015

Bea is watching over the three juveniles from an antennae attached to the tower.

Today marks the 8th week since the first chick hatched. DG, the second chick, is the most active potential fledgling - jumping up and down and actually has hovered over the nest for about five seconds today. AA isn't far behind with its attempts in hovering. WC, the youngest chick, has begun flapping its wings in its attempts to strengthen its wings. WC has been doing better the past week and has received less abuse from DG, though yesterday the little one had a set back, but seems to have overcome it. WC has grown as well, but still has far to go to reach the size of its siblings.

Check back as we may soon see two juvenile ospreys flying overhead our Hilton Head office.


birdgirl said...

Encouraging news! If AA and DG will just fledge early, maybe little WC will have a chance to eat heartily and get big and strong.

Vivian, GA

Anonymous said...


I agree, birdgirl. WC just needs to keep an eye out for them because AA and DC will be watching the nest from afar.

Anonymous said...

805:23AM (EST)
WC is at the lower left side of the nest, facing mom who is standing at the 5 o clock edge of the nest.
WC appears to be doing his/her morning preening because its motion looks repetitive.

DC is at the 3 o clock edge of the nest and AA at the 1 o clock position. Both older sibs are looking outward.

WC's back still looks like it is in sad shape. Wing feathers appear to be ok.
WC does need more nourishment...hopefully he/she will get some food today.

Anonymous said...

2:40:19pm (EST)

current temp 84(real feel 84)

*note: below from wunderground weather:
Sat 50% Precip. / 0.08 in

Scattered showers and thunderstorms. High 89F. Winds S at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 50%.
Sat Night 20% Precip. / 0 in

A stray shower or thunderstorm is possible early. Some clouds this evening will give way to mainly clear skies overnight. Low 72F. Winds light and variable.

Three sibs are at the left side of the nest...all facing to the eft. WC is in middle, lying between older sibs.
On alert...mom lands at the top of the nest. All excited, thinking it is food. None

mom leaves nest and heads left

WC returns to same position at the 9 o clock edge and lies down, facing left.

Anonymous said...

does anyone see any improvements in WC's feathering on its back? at first, I did but seeing him/her lying at the nest, I suspect there must have been a lot of follicle damage.

has WC had any food today?

Anonymous said...


fish delivery and I think DG has it. Rather smallish.

Poor WC is cowering at the botton of the nest:-(

There is a little tussle between AA and DG but DG retains fish.

Why I asked about WC getting food is because the older sibs are able to claim the food each time delivery is made. Unless they are full, it is ad that WC may not get his daily portion (little) to keep alive.
It would be a tragedy if WC doesn't make it. he/she came sooo far.

Anonymous said...

mom delivers another half eaten fish. Poor WC is hungry. No chance...both older sibs are feeding.

WC tries to move forward but wary of the other 2 that are feeding at mom's left side.
WC at top of the nest...watching.

WC pacing back and forth
Sad to say that fish isn't large enough.

Anonymous said...

june 7

current temp 82(real feel 84)
wind to 17mph
no rain

mom is at the top left side of the nest, looking outward

older sibs are at the 7 o clock edge of the nest, standing and looking outward...preening.

WC is lying at the center. Did a wing stretch.
With the sun beating down...It was be terrible for WC with little feather protection on his/her back.

I am unable to watch the nest throughout the day but I fear that WC is weakening and will not make it through the week. . .hope I am wrong.

WC does another wing stretch