02 June 2015

DG, AA, & WC 

It's encouraging to see WC eating this early in the day. AA had a few bites as WC made its way over to Bea. As Jasper brought the fish in WC immediately got into a defensive position, but DG never approached WC. Maybe this is the sign we've all been waiting for where WC is concerned. If WC can eat a lot of fish in the next week or so,  maybe the little one can catch up to its siblings.


Anonymous said...

Nice line up of the kids :-)

Anonymous said...

WC at the 7 o clock position near center of nest. Appears to be cowering (again).
Mom is at the top of the nest with a medium sized fish.

Two older siblings are staring at Bea as she is working on the fish.

one of the older chicks is standing to the right of mom.
WC is still cowering with his/her wings slightly out.

Only one of the older chicks appear interested in eating.

WC gets up and tries to approach mom from her right side.
Older chicks seem intent on watching something from the left.They are both standing at the top left of the nest.

WC moves in for some food.
In comparison to his sibs, WC's feathering is awfully scraggly. :-( and he is still half their size....
I am wondering if the back neck feathers will ever grow out.

WC turns and heads for the 3 o clock side of the nest.Feeding is over, but WC still looks toward mom.
At least he/she was unmolested by the sibs. Yay.

Anonymous said...


All three chicks are at the top of the nest. WC is in the middle, facing toward the cam
I am just glad that WC was able to get some food, even though it wasn't a huge amount. At least it was something.

It is late here (140am)need rest.

Anonymous said...

Bea is at the top of the nest, facing left.

Three chicks are lying down in a row slightly below her. WC is between older sibs.

You may be right about reaching a turning point in the interaction among the kids. Let's hope WC will be allowed to get more food now.

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Anonymous said...


here is link (hope I can post on this blog) showing how Mother Nature can put a twist on the lives of ospreys


I've been watching this cam for 5 years and this along with your cam are among my favorites.

Everyone are still in sme position, ex WC has moved slightly forward and is closer to mom.

WC is such a marvel.

Anonymous said...

missed fish delivery.
Mom at top of nest, feeding DC and AA.

WC is at the 3 o clock side of the nest, lying down and facing to the right. Either WC reaction to delivery may be one of self-preservation resulting from the beatings he/she had from DC.

WC got up and is moving slowly toward the group

Decides it isn't worth the risk. WC preening right wing; turns and faces to the center of the nest. WC moves up and is now at mom's right side.

One of the older sibs has moved away from the feed and is at the center of the nest
WC is under mom's tail but not facing mom.
I am assuming he/she is watching the older sib that is in the center of the nest. Must be DC

both older sibs are at the center of the nest. WC still with mom...looks like there is still something left.

fish is gone and mom heads toward the 2 o clock side of the nest. Hopefully there was enough food for WC

Anonymous said...

june 3 (134:18pm)

Mom at the 3 o clock side of the nest looking inward

Three juvies in center...forming a triangle with WC at the apex and the other older sibs forming the base.

a few minutes ago, WC did a wing stretch in unison with another sib.

Mom leaves nest. All eyes of juvies following her flight.

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