04 June 2015

Today marks the first time that WC has stretched its wings and constantly flapped them which is very encouraging. The third chick is half the size of the other two, but it is a great sign that the smallest chick might fledge. We're keeping our fingers crossed.


Anonymous said...


Thanks again for the update on WC. It is such a relief that the older sibs are becoming more interested in fledging than beating up WC

cam is frozen for the past few minutes.

Mom at the 11 o clock edge, AA at the 7 o clock side, DC at 4 o clock and WC is lying to the right of DC.

current temp 77 (real feel 80); wind to 4mph; mostly cloudy

cam starting up again. Looks like Jasper delivered a fish. Bea is standing at the lower side of the nest.
AA and DC are to her left and right, respectively.

WC appears to be slowly getting up, looking to the right of the nest...feathers on back seem to be better..

Hopa hopa that WC will fledge....

moderator said...

Try refreshing your screen. If that doesn't work - clear your browser cache and then refresh the browser.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the tip :-)