04 June 2015

WC had another confrontation with DG.


birdgirl said...

OUCH! Poor WC--I sure hope this tormenting will end soon.

Vivian, GA

Anonymous said...

Can't WC be sent to Charleston to ensure its survival? R

Anonymous said...

After it seemed that all is going well...this happens. Awful

Do you think it will be best to remove WC from the nest very soon? Yes, I realize that it is Nature, but WC has come so far and deserves a better outcome.

Anonymous said...

Geez, the more I thought about it...those are mean bite marks (or pecks) on WC's back. Sad..so sad.

moderator said...

Unless an osprey is entangled in something as fishing line, etc. we do not interfere with the osprey's natural process.

Anonymous said...


thanks for your input.

all 3 sibs are at the center of the nest. Bea is to their left at the 10 o clock side of the nest.
WC is closer to the top of the nest, facing outward...looking about. I hope WC has a better day...,.

current temp is 73(real feel 73) wind to 5mph. Today's high 83 with possibility of rain

Anonymous said...


Has WC received any food today?

WC is at the 3 o clock side of the nest, lying down with its head facing toward the rim of the nest.

Mom is still feeding older sibs

moderator said...

WC had a some fish early this morning. Jasper brought a fish in about a hour ago, but AA was the only osprey that ate.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the update I hope there will be more for WC

Mom is absent. all 3 sibs are standing at the right side of nest,facing to the left