23 June 2015

WC in the above picture has been quite active with flapping its wings and jumping about the nest today. Hopefully a sign that this juvenile, that has endured so much, may soon fledge.

Just a note to our bloggers... I'm beginning a vacation tomorrow afternoon, but will check in to post any comments.

Updated 6/24/15
Another flounder for WC


Anonymous said...

23 june
Thanks for keeping us posted

Have a great vacation :-)

I am glad WC is exercising his/her wings. Such a survivor. will miss WC. . .

birdgirl said...

Great news about WC!
You're liable to come back to an empty nest!
Have a great vacation!

Vivian, GA

Anonymous said...

june 24

Hurrah. Good to see WC with his/her own fish...and a good sized one, too!

Thanks for the picture. Each one is as precious as the last.

Anonymous said...

26 June

Hope you are enjoying your vacation :-)

just viewed the nest and it looks like WC is having lunch :-)
It is a large flat whit fish

There is another grey looking flat fish on the nest. Looks like WC will be fatten up and his feathering will improve.

Still feel sad that WC will be fledging soon...Will miss WC...

Anonymous said...

june 27

watching view of cam...looks like a tussle between mom and WC


nest EMPTY! Darn...when did WC fledge????

Mixed emotions of sadness but happy that WC found his/her wings and is enjoying the skies above.

Hopefully someone will let us know exactly when WC fledged. Go WC go!!
Kudos to Bea and Jasper on a successful season :-)

looks like mom returns to the top of the nest. She is alone.

Mahalo nui aloha from Hawaii

Anonymous said...

june 27

only one juvie on nest...but it is not WC

birdgirl said...

WHERE IS WC THIS SUNDAY MORNING??? Did S/he fledge already? It seems too early to see an empty nest!

Vivian, GA

Anonymous said...

june 28
759pm (EST)

last pic of the nest before the cam shut down for the night...EMPTY nest!

Hope WC is learning how to fish and stops by often to say "Hello"

Getting that empty nest syndrome for 2015...

Anonymous said...

This morning (06/29/15) around 7:45 AM, there was no bird on the nest. Can I safely assume that WC has fledged?

Tim Wheeler
Clarks Hill, SC

Anonymous said...

10:43 6/30 WC is gone from the nest...Saw him/her this am.


jo neitzel said...

i was watching last sunday & there were 2 birds in the nest. 1 had just landed next to wc. next frame wc was gone. he mustve taken the plunge. im soo proud of the little fellow!

Anonymous said...

1 July
657am (EST)

hopefully the moderator will be able to check the video and see when WC fledged.

birdgirl said...

Looks like WC on the nest this morning. I just got back from a walk on the beach, just about east of the nest, and there was an osprey looking for breakfast from the ocean!

Vivian, GA