07 July 2015

Jasper recently brought a fish in for WC. Most of the time the osprey family is located in nearby trees and is maintaining ownership of the nest.


birdgirl said...

Along with the adults bringing food to the nest, do you think WC is able yet to fend for him/her self?

Vivian, GA

moderator said...

The juveniles (AA, DG, and WC) will return to their nest for food brought in by their parents. Usually the young stay in the area, close to the nest site, as they improve their skill in the air, before they then begin to make attempts to catch a fish for themselves.

Anonymous said...

8 july

great pics of WC. Wow...turned out to be a beautiful osprey. Thanks sfor the up0dates on all the juvies :-)

Anonymous said...

july 15

Any idea as to when and where they migrate to?

moderator said...

Since we don't tag the juveniles we are not exactly sure of their destination, but Cuba and Hispaniola are key migration hubs for eastern Ospreys hopscotching across the Caribbean. In fall these migrants funnel down the Florida peninsula, hop to Cuba, then move east across Haiti and the Dominican Republic. From there they clear the rest of the Caribbean to wind up in South America.

Not all of the osprey in our area migrate but the majority do take the long journey south. We've noticed that the osprey on our tower usually begin their migration mid to late July and sometimes early August.