18 October 2017

Osprey Nest Update....

We have completed the job of securing a protective layer underneath the platform to keep eggs and chicks from falling through the nest, while not disturbing the existing nesting material for future osprey seasons. The new layer is flush against the existing fencing so no gaps exist and is secured every few inches.

16 March 2017

Palmetto Electric is in the process of reaching out to the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, SCDNR, to discuss ways to improve the nesting platform. These discussions will include improvements and a timeline to implement changes that will benefit the ospreys.

With Palmetto's support of the osprey program, we will cover the cost of any improvements. As soon as we have an approved plan, we will post it here.

10 March 2017

Yes, it appears that we lost the 4th & 5th eggs. Bea and Jasper never built up the interior base of the nest except with Spanish Moss.  With Bea and Jasper incubating the eggs with no base of twigs, limbs, etc. to keep the nest together the eggs eventually they fell through the nest.

09 March 2017

The fourth egg has been pushed down below the Spanish Moss and Bea and Jasper seem to be only focused on the fifth egg. The fourth egg must not be viable as they only seem concerned with the last egg. The arrow is pointing to the little portion of the fourth egg that is still visible.

We are crossing our fingers for the last egg to produce a chick.

03 March 2017

Bea has laid another egg, totaling 5 at this point. The first three eggs fell through the thin base of the nest. Five eggs is a first for us since we have had the camera since 2007.

28 February 2017

Bea laid the 4th egg yesterday afternoon. Both Jasper and Bea have been adding leaves and spanish moss to the nest, which hopefully they reinforced enough so the egg doesn't fall through as the first three.

27 February 2017

Bea has laid her fourth egg. It's been quite some time when we had four eggs. Hopefully this fourth egg will survive the nest's thin base.

21 February 2017

It has been confirmed that the two eggs fell through the nest. In past years Bea has laid three eggs so it's possible for the pair to have another egg.