12 May 2008

No Osprey Chicks....Again

Well, it looks as if we struck out again with our osprey’s clutch of eggs hatching this season. This puts us at 0-2 so far with our osprey cam, not a good way to start. The female osprey continues to rummage around the center of the nest for the eggs with her head to no avail which was what I hoped not to see. The ospreys have continued their mating activities, other than that not much action on the nest.

On the 29th of April an intruder male osprey appeared on the nest which closely resembled Ollie, from last year’s nesting pair. This intruder osprey may have been the culprit behind our couple’s odd behavior. The intruder osprey repeatedly attacked our male osprey, jumping on top of our male and thrashing him with his wings. Our male osprey perched on the edge of the nest with his head downward withstanding the attack and eventually flew away with “Ollie” in hot pursuit. Was the intruder’s presence the cause of our pair not producing any hatchlings? It’s possible that in combination with the severe weather mid April and the pair not incubating their eggs during this timeframe caused the eggs not to develop.

I’m not sure if our ospreys are laying their eggs too soon, if the weather the past two seasons has encumbered the osprey’s care for their eggs, or if they were viable from the start. We are disappointed for the osprey and our viewers that our second season did not produce any hatchlings.

For those of you who have been watching our nest cam, updates to the Osprey Log will continue as well as photos to our Osprey Gallery. Our birds are still here and on the nest so keep watching.