27 February 2009

It appears that the female has made her choice between the two male osprey that were seen on the nest, which a few of our cam viewers mentioned seeing three osprey. The female is spending most of her time on the nest the past few weeks while the male continues to bring more nesting material and fish for his mate.

The female has taken recently to meditative stances and has been seen sitting quite often. Since mating began around 2 February, eggs could be right around the corner for our pair.

The gallery page has been updated with photos recently so check those out. Thanks to all those that have commented on our blog. Keep sending in your observations!!!

10 February 2009

With the recent cold snap subsided the ospreys have settled into a routine of home improvement and mating. The nest is much improved from its earlier state of inattention and the ospreys are building it more into a bowl shape.