26 June 2009

Name The Osprey Parents

Our osprey parents need names so if you have any suggestions please post them in this blog entry.
First, I would like to thank all of our viewers and commentators for making our third season a success. The interaction with our commentators has created "our own osprey family".

Our local osprey bloggers gathered together at Reilley's restaurant at the north end of the island on the 25 June to talk about the current season, past seasons, as well as future seasons. It was great to put faces behind the names to our commentators. Vivian, Carol, Toni, and Doris met with MG and GJ, from Palmetto Electric, and had a great time getting to know one another. In a nutshell we discussed the possibility of streaming audio/video for next season, what might have caused the third chick, DS, to die in it's fifth week, and the history of Palmetto Electric's involvement with osprey on Hilton Head. We also discussed local wildlife around our homes and our personal encounters with our feathered and furry friends.

During our discussions we realized that our current osprey couple have yet to be named, so if you have any suggestions for our osprey parents please submit them. I will create a post just for names.

Again, I want to thank everyone for making our third season a success. Our osprey are still on the nest so keep watching. They should hang around until mid August to September and our camera will continue broadcasting after they are gone so we can see what other birds are passing our way. I want to thank Toni for suggesting the blogger get-together as we had a great time meeting everyone and had a lot of laughs. Remember to submit suggestions for naming the osprey parents which will be in the next posting.

19 June 2009

Just a few tidbits for this past week....

We have yet to notice whether or not GJ or MG have begun hunting for fish. The only fish we've seen so far have been brought in be either the father or mother.
GJ spends more time on the nest than MG. GJ still gets aggressive when fish are brought to the nest and has pecked at MG and the mother. I'm sure dad would straighten him/her out if he got pecked in the head! When a fish was brought in MG snagged it away from GJ which didn't go over well. Hopefully we'll soon see both GJ and MG bringing in their own fish.

The temperatures suppose to be close to if not in the 100's today and the weekend could be hotter.

17 June 2009

The osprey gallery has been updated with 29 new images of our osprey family.

16 June 2009

The female either seems curious about our camera or is looking at one of her kids on top of the web cam.

I'll try and update the osprey gallery in a few days with more candid shots of the osprey family.

14 June 2009

Now that both GJ and MG have fledged, fishing skills are the next lesson. By instinct, the juvenile osprey will dive for fish. It takes a few months before the juvenile osprey are as proficient at hunting fish as their parents. Neither parent "teach" the juveniles to catch fish. Now that GJ and MG can fly the parents will feed them less to encourage them to take care of themselves.
GJ has finally taken flight away from the nest. The next skill GJ and MG must master is fishing to become independent of their parents.

11 June 2009

Sad news....

Blackwater Wildlife Refuge lost their second chick. It disappeared sometime Wednesday. The single chick appears to be healthy.

MG has a darker streaked head than GJ, which has more white on the back.
The second chick, MG, flew off the nest three times this morning between 7:02 and 7:11. GJ appears a bit apprehensive about leaving the nest, though probably not for long. We have been waiting for this moment for three years since we installed our osprey cam. Now we just need GJ to take off to complete the cycle.

A third osprey was just seen attempting to land on the nest. The female quickly dispatched the intruder as GJ and MG kept low on the nest.

10 June 2009

GJ and MG are getting a little higher when hovering over the nest. We thought that MG may have taken the plunge, but then landed back on the nest. It's been quite an adventure watching these two. As a commentator just mentioned, it does appear the two juvenile osprey are challenging the other as to who will take the leap of faith first. Hopefully when both do take their first flight we will be able to catch the moment.

Both parents seem to be enticing the chicks to take flight by hanging out on the communication equipment, just out of reach. I'm thinking MG will go first!

06 June 2009

The young osprey could be due any day for their first flight. Both GJ and MG have been seen hovering just briefly over the nest. They both appear strong and healthy. The female continues to fed both youngsters even though both have been seen feeding themselves. A third adult osprey was attempting to land on the nest Friday afternoon which the male quickly dispatched.

Friends At Blackwater have their second chick and are expecting their third any day. Over at the Scottish Wildlife Trust both chicks are beginning to develop feathers, mainly on their heads.

02 June 2009

As a commentator just metioned in the previous post our young osprey are busy flapping their wings and jumping about getting ready for their first flight off the communications tower that has been their home for the last 7 weeks. With a 100-foot drop from the nest their first flight will be a tense moment.

The two surviving chicks, there were originally three, have grown up quickly since April 14th, when GJ, the oldest, first hatched followed then by MG on the 16th. Yesterday we saw both youngsters eating a fish by themselves while the male looked on. The male osprey has been spotted sitting on a few of the antennae that surround the tower - probably wondering which one will take the first flight. Once they master flying, fishing is the next skill they must learn to become completely independent of their mother and father.