30 January 2009

Welcome to the 2009 Osprey Season!

As we open our third osprey season we would like to thank all of our past viewers and welcome new viewers. It has been rewarding to share this wildlife vision to our local community and our viewers from far and wide. If you are new to our site and to osprey viewing, I encourage you to read our Osprey Facts.

The ospreys, having returned a few weeks earlier than past seasons, were briefly in contention with a pair of Red Tail Hawks for rights to the nest on top of our communications tower at our Hilton Head office. Now that the ospreys have established control they have been quite busy preparing the nest by bringing in a variety of local vegetation.

Since their early arrival we are keeping our fingers crossed that their mating does not occur too early and the results of past years return with no hatchlings.

Again, we like to welcome all of our viewers and commentators to our osprey web cam and blog!!

17 January 2009

2009 Osprey Season
The camera is up and operating again after being re-wired for a better signal.
The first osprey spotted on our nest was on the 15th of January which is the earliest we have seen on the tower since our camera went live two years ago. The unusual warm weather we have been experiencing may have assisted the osprey’s early arrival. Now that the temperature has plummeted about 20 degrees cooler than what we normally experience at this time of the year, I’m sure the ospreys wished they waited to come North.

We also have a new pair of raptors that seems to have taken a liking to the nest – a pair of Red Tail Hawks. With any luck these birds are only passing through and not looking for a place to roost. The competition between Red Tail Hawks and Ospreys will be interesting to see how it all plays out.