15 October 2010

Thought I'd start a new thread from our last post.....

Hope all are having a nice fall so far. Seems so far off til 2011 nesting season. Let's all keep our fingers crossed for a successful season. I discovered another webcam and thought it might be of interest. They have a nice recap on video of their 2009 season. http://www.ospreyhouse.asn.au/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=112&Itemid=89 Let me know if you enjoy it.
Keep watching we never know what we might see on the cam.
Moderator thanks to you and all involved with this project. Any word on a live cam for next year?
Mary Pat

16 August 2010

2010 Season

The 2010 season began on 20 January as the first osprey was spotted on the nest. Our pair from the last two years, Bella and Benecio, appeared on the nest on 8 February, but it didn’t take long for an intruder osprey to enter into the picture on 15 February. The intruder, a female, harassed Bella and attempted to catch the eye of Benecio.

As Bella and Benecio attempted to set a routine to raising a family, the female intruder continued to hamper their efforts and Bella finally gave up and left the platform all together leaving Benecio to protect the nest. We’ve no idea if Bella stayed in the area or took up with another male as we hadn’t seen her since 24 March. It is possible that Bella and Benecio found another nesting location and took up residence there while Benecio attempted to retain ownership of the platform for next season.

Another female appeared at the nest on 30 March and quickly began organizing the stand. Benecio attempted to defend his home of the past two seasons, but this new female was quite persistent to make this her new quarters. Benecio and the new female often chased each other about the air and on the nest, once slamming themselves against our camera.

On 18 May a new pair of osprey landed on the nest and is the latest twosome to attempt to make it their own.

The 2010 season at first appeared promising wit Bella and Benecio’s return, but instead had much drama for all of the viewer’s. Who knows what will happen if all of this year’s participants come back next season. We are still considering audio/streaming options, but cost is the main factor in not pursuing it at this time. We will let you know if anything changes on that front, but for now we will continue with the 5 second refresh rate.

We would like to thank all of our viewer’s and blog participants. Hopefully next year will be a successful season with less drama and chicks to watch mature. The blog will remain open for commenting and the camera will continue operating unless we have maintenance to perform.

09 July 2010

The new pair is maintaining control of the platform with both osprey taking turns being the lookout. The male, in photo, is keeping a watchful eye 100' above. The pair are occassionally bringing in fish and having a few afternoon meals in front of the camera.

25 June 2010

Our pair of osprey's continue to maintain the nest and ward off any others that may have thoughts of taking the nest for their own. We have not seen the juvenile osprey that appeared on the nest a week ago. The male chased the juvenile off and apparently made it clear to stay away.
This pair may displace Bella and Bencio should they return next season to raise a family.

18 June 2010

We updated our photo gallery with 47 new photographs. Hope you enjoy them!!

17 June 2010

Our current pair is not going to appreciate the juvenile on the nest.

15 June 2010

Hey Vivian,

The hole in the middle of the nest is still there, but has not increased. The two are slowly covering it while they continue to build up the east side of the nest, under the camera.

The two have been trading watch over the nest today. The heat has to be putting a strain on the pair. The current temperature is 95 degrees with a heat index of 112 degrees. Time for a dip!!!

04 June 2010

Just to give everyone an idea of where our tower is located on Hilton Head. We have many lagoons, too many to count, for the osprey to fish near our office as well as shallow creeks and major waterways.
Last year our male, Benecio, had no trouble supplying his family with an abundance of fish. If my memory is correct I believe he caught at least eleven flounder in one week.

02 June 2010

Our pair is back on the platform continuing to fortify the nest. We didn't see much of them over the weekend...guess they took the holiday off as well.
The outer east edge of the nest, below the camera, has a nice rim of twigs and moss. It appears they are now working on the west side to fill in the gaps of the nest floor. With all the work these two are doing to repair the nest, hopefully they'll be able to keep it for next year's season.

26 May 2010

Osprey news from other nests...

Friends of Blackwater Refuge - they are expecting hatchlings in about a week.

Kentuckey Environment Education Project - has 3 healthy chicks.

Lock of the Lowes - is awaiting the third egg to hatch.

The Cape Coral and Dunedin nests in Florida are vacant for their young have fledged.

20 May 2010

This is our current couple on the platform. I didn't recognize this pair from previous year's photographs. The male has been busy bringing in sticks, moss, and pine cones to the nest. On the 18th and 19th we spotted a third osprey coming to the platform with the pair chasing him/her off. The engagements happened too quickly for us to tell if it was Benecio or another osprey. The female spends the majority of her time on the nest.
This pair has a tremendous amount of repair work to do. The left outer edge of the nest has been slowly crumbling away for a few months and the middle is showing signs of falling through as well.

18 May 2010

Beth from Ohio reported two osprey on our nest this morning at 6:40. The pair is still there and trying to repair the nest. We haven't seen osprey on our nest for several weeks. I'll try and get close-ups so we can see who they are.

Thanks for the notice Beth!!

13 May 2010

New post created from a sub-post:

The Lake Barkley, KY, osprey nest had its third egg hatch this morning. The site now has live video streaming and has an excellent view of the birds. Here is the url:


On a sad note, the Panama City nest somehow lost both of the chicks that hatched last week. The two adults are on the nest only occasionally.


30 April 2010

The "new" female continues to occupy our nest and move material about the platform. Whichever ospreys come to our platform next season will have a lot of repair work ahead of them for the nest is beginning to fall apart. The middle section is slowing coming apart as did the left side of the cam view.

26 April 2010

Thought we'd update everyone on news from other osprey sites:

At Blackwater they currently have two eggs and possibly expecting a third by Wednesday.

The Loch of the Lowes blog indicates they have three eggs which happen to be the 56th, 57th, and 58th egg that their female has laid in her breeding life. The earliest their eggs will hatch will be the 18th of May and the latest around the 28th.

The Kentucky Environemtal Education Project nest has three eggs.

At the Dunedin Osprey nest the fledglings are spending less time on the nest.

The Connecticut Milford nest has three eggs as of April 11th.

The Montezuma Osprey Cam in New York has a few eggs of their own.

For more birding sights go to Little Birdie Home.

19 April 2010

Benecio and the new female have been battling each other this morning in the air, on the platform, and slamming each other into our camera. At first we saw him flying in with a fish, which we thought was nice of him to offer the new resident, but then he quickly attacked her. Bella could be in a nearby nest, though we haven't seen anything to indicate that.

13 April 2010

Benecio was on the nest a while this morning. It was a delight to see him after a week's absence. The new female is still alone at this point in time and we are not sure if Benecio is with Bella at a different nest or if Bella has taken up with a new male.

06 April 2010

Our new female has been occupying the platform on a steady basis for a week now. Benecio is still stopping by on occassion and we are hoping these two will form a couple, but we'll have to wait and see. Bella is still MIA so we don't know if she tired of the whole situation and went elsewhere.
We haven't noticed other males on the nest so Benecio is probably the ideal mate, as we know from last year.

01 April 2010

The new female, foreground, and Benecio were on the nest together for about 20 to 30 minutes before another osprey came to the platform, then all three flew away. Benecio kept his back to the new female the entire time.

The new female has been visiting the nest frequently and organizing the stand. She was alone for a time before she flew off chasing another osprey. We're not exactly sure how many different osprey are attempting to take ownership of the nest because they are coming in and out so quickly it is hard to gather pictures for identification.

30 March 2010

It appears we have a new female on the nest and she and Benecio have been at odds with each other. She was on the nest shortly after eleven this morning tidying up the homestead. We were wondering who was moving the sticks and moss.
Benecio is most likely attempting to retain ownership of the platform and not lose it to another osprey. These two have been wrangling throughout the morning and early afternoon.

Benecio was back on the nest for a few minutes before another osprey came into the frame and then he quickly flew off. We weren't able to make out the second osprey, possible the intruder.

24 March 2010

Bella and Benecio continue to appear on the nest, but for short periods, nothing longterm. New nesting material has been gathered, but it is scattered about the platform in no particular order.

22 March 2010

Since we have nothing new to report from our nest, I thought I'd post events on other nesting sites.

The osprey have returned to Blackwater Refuge, in Cambridge, Maryland, over the weekend. Over at the Dunedin nest in Pinellas County, Florida, the chicks were banded and are expected to fledge at the end of March or the first of April.

The Loch Garten cam will be back online April 1 when the reserve opens. And the Shandy Point osprey nest, which is currently occupied by a Great Horned Owl, has two chicks that are getting quite large.

17 March 2010

The pair has been off the nest more than on it the past few days. They are still mating and bringing in moss and sticks, but have not settled into a routine that would indicate egg laying. We haven't seen the intruder for almost a week now, but have noticed both ospreys still seeming agitated at times so she, the interloper, may still be hanging around.

The nesting material has increased, but it is haphazardly placed about the platform. The nest is no shape for eggs to be laid. This season could possible see no eggs/offspring if our pair doesn't get its act together soon.

13 March 2010

As of today, Saturday, March 13, it appears our couple has gotten into a rhythm of raising a family. The female has been on the nest for most of the day and has mated with Benecio multiple times. I haven't seen the intruder today so hopefully things are looking up for the pair. They are getting a late start compared to last year, but they still have time to raise a family.

08 March 2010

A blogger asked over the weekend about the head markings and how to identify the females. The first picture is Bella from last year along with the intruder from this year. The intruder's head pattern has a distinct "Y" on it while Bella's markings do not.

04 March 2010

Benecio is back to work bringing sticks to the nest and arranging them. He was calling out, but Bella did not appear nor did the intruder. With any luck this weekend's warmer and calmer weather may provide Benecio an opportunity to get the nest in order and give our couple the chance to get down to the business of raising a family.

The photo gallery has been updated this morning with the lastest pictures.

28 February 2010

Bella and Benecio have been on the nest for almost an hour now. During this time Benecio brought in nesting material and the two mated twice, quite encouraging. As of this posting no sign of the intruder. If they're mating has been successful, Bella could lay eggs by mid March. Benecio has a lot of work ahead of him to prepare the nest.

24 February 2010

Benecio is still at it preparing the nest with moss and sticks, though we haven't seen Bella for several days now. The intruder still shadows Benecio's every move. Bella may have been at the nest, but off screen as we have seen shadows of another osprey at times.

17 February 2010

Earlier this morning our osprey pair had one and a half hours of peaceful bliss on the nest before the intruder osprey appeared and drove off the female, Bella. The male, Benecio, had left the nest about twenty minutes earlier.

During the pairs stay on the nest they were able to mate. If this couple can establish control of the platform, they will have a great deal of work ahead of them to prepare it for their eggs. As much time and effort these ospreys have invested into this nest over the last two seasons I'm sure they do not want to lose it.

15 February 2010

This is the intruder osprey that is interfering with our couple, preventing them from nest building and settling into the 2010 season.
Moments ago our couple began mating. Hopefully the intruder will find a nest of its own and leave our pair in peace.

12 February 2010

This year's ospreys will have a major repair on their nest. A hole on the left side has appeared from all the high winds and heavy rain.

08 February 2010

It looks as though our couple from last year, Bella and Benecio, have returned. Their markings look to match very closely from last year.

We have an osprey bringing sticks and spanish moss to the nest. On first observance, it looks like Benecio, but I have to check against photos to verify markings. I believe our 2010 osprey season has officially just begun.

05 February 2010

Not much action on our nest. We did have an osprey on the communications tower yesterday, but he/she didn't stay very long. It could be all the storms that have been passing through the last few weeks that is delaying the return of Bella and Benecio.

Another front is expected to arrive this afternoon bringing 1 to 3 inches of rain. We're optimistically awaiting our couple to arrive and begin their 2010 family!

28 January 2010

We had a different osprey on the nest this morning. He/she didn't hang aroung very long, a few minutes. The osprey gallery has been updated with the recent 2010 photos.

26 January 2010

We had another osprey on our nest around 3:15 pm. I've yet to check out the markings to verify whether or not it is the male osprey, Benecio.
A few more pictures from the Shandy Point cam. It looks like an owl to me.

At the Shandy Point nest it looks as though they currently have an owl as a resident.

20 January 2010

Just a few minutes ago we had our first osprey on the nest in January. We're unable to identify the osprey at this time, due to the angle of the head. We have to check against past year photos to make a match.

We'll add to this post as activity increases.

07 January 2010

Welcome to the 2010 Osprey Season

This posting opens our 2010 Osprey Season blog and begins our fourth season here at Palmetto Electric. As of a month ago, December 2, 2009 to be exact, we had an adult eagle and a juvenile, most likely its offspring, on the nest a few times throughout the day. Pictures of the eagles can be viewed on our 2009 gallery page. We also had an osprey on the nest earlier that day as well. We haven’t noticed any additional birds on the nest other than crows since that time.

Last year we had our first clutch of eggs hatch and we were fortunate to see the young osprey grow into juveniles with the exception of the youngest chick, which died in its fifth week. A year ago our osprey couple returned mid January so their arrival could be anytime. In June of 2009 we held a contest to name our new resident pair and the winning names were Bella and Benecio.

Our nest is located midway on Hilton Head Island and sits upon a 100 foot tower. Many viewers in the past have wondered what the red light is that intermittently glows at night. That beacon is for FCC purposes since our tower is situated within a quarter mile or so of our local airport.

We are excited about this upcoming osprey season and welcome all of our viewers and bloggers in inviting Bella and Benecio back and to hopefully watch their family grow!