30 March 2010

It appears we have a new female on the nest and she and Benecio have been at odds with each other. She was on the nest shortly after eleven this morning tidying up the homestead. We were wondering who was moving the sticks and moss.
Benecio is most likely attempting to retain ownership of the platform and not lose it to another osprey. These two have been wrangling throughout the morning and early afternoon.

Benecio was back on the nest for a few minutes before another osprey came into the frame and then he quickly flew off. We weren't able to make out the second osprey, possible the intruder.

24 March 2010

Bella and Benecio continue to appear on the nest, but for short periods, nothing longterm. New nesting material has been gathered, but it is scattered about the platform in no particular order.

22 March 2010

Since we have nothing new to report from our nest, I thought I'd post events on other nesting sites.

The osprey have returned to Blackwater Refuge, in Cambridge, Maryland, over the weekend. Over at the Dunedin nest in Pinellas County, Florida, the chicks were banded and are expected to fledge at the end of March or the first of April.

The Loch Garten cam will be back online April 1 when the reserve opens. And the Shandy Point osprey nest, which is currently occupied by a Great Horned Owl, has two chicks that are getting quite large.

17 March 2010

The pair has been off the nest more than on it the past few days. They are still mating and bringing in moss and sticks, but have not settled into a routine that would indicate egg laying. We haven't seen the intruder for almost a week now, but have noticed both ospreys still seeming agitated at times so she, the interloper, may still be hanging around.

The nesting material has increased, but it is haphazardly placed about the platform. The nest is no shape for eggs to be laid. This season could possible see no eggs/offspring if our pair doesn't get its act together soon.

13 March 2010

As of today, Saturday, March 13, it appears our couple has gotten into a rhythm of raising a family. The female has been on the nest for most of the day and has mated with Benecio multiple times. I haven't seen the intruder today so hopefully things are looking up for the pair. They are getting a late start compared to last year, but they still have time to raise a family.

08 March 2010

A blogger asked over the weekend about the head markings and how to identify the females. The first picture is Bella from last year along with the intruder from this year. The intruder's head pattern has a distinct "Y" on it while Bella's markings do not.

04 March 2010

Benecio is back to work bringing sticks to the nest and arranging them. He was calling out, but Bella did not appear nor did the intruder. With any luck this weekend's warmer and calmer weather may provide Benecio an opportunity to get the nest in order and give our couple the chance to get down to the business of raising a family.

The photo gallery has been updated this morning with the lastest pictures.