26 May 2010

Osprey news from other nests...

Friends of Blackwater Refuge - they are expecting hatchlings in about a week.

Kentuckey Environment Education Project - has 3 healthy chicks.

Lock of the Lowes - is awaiting the third egg to hatch.

The Cape Coral and Dunedin nests in Florida are vacant for their young have fledged.

20 May 2010

This is our current couple on the platform. I didn't recognize this pair from previous year's photographs. The male has been busy bringing in sticks, moss, and pine cones to the nest. On the 18th and 19th we spotted a third osprey coming to the platform with the pair chasing him/her off. The engagements happened too quickly for us to tell if it was Benecio or another osprey. The female spends the majority of her time on the nest.
This pair has a tremendous amount of repair work to do. The left outer edge of the nest has been slowly crumbling away for a few months and the middle is showing signs of falling through as well.

18 May 2010

Beth from Ohio reported two osprey on our nest this morning at 6:40. The pair is still there and trying to repair the nest. We haven't seen osprey on our nest for several weeks. I'll try and get close-ups so we can see who they are.

Thanks for the notice Beth!!

13 May 2010

New post created from a sub-post:

The Lake Barkley, KY, osprey nest had its third egg hatch this morning. The site now has live video streaming and has an excellent view of the birds. Here is the url:


On a sad note, the Panama City nest somehow lost both of the chicks that hatched last week. The two adults are on the nest only occasionally.