25 June 2010

Our pair of osprey's continue to maintain the nest and ward off any others that may have thoughts of taking the nest for their own. We have not seen the juvenile osprey that appeared on the nest a week ago. The male chased the juvenile off and apparently made it clear to stay away.
This pair may displace Bella and Bencio should they return next season to raise a family.

18 June 2010

We updated our photo gallery with 47 new photographs. Hope you enjoy them!!

17 June 2010

Our current pair is not going to appreciate the juvenile on the nest.

15 June 2010

Hey Vivian,

The hole in the middle of the nest is still there, but has not increased. The two are slowly covering it while they continue to build up the east side of the nest, under the camera.

The two have been trading watch over the nest today. The heat has to be putting a strain on the pair. The current temperature is 95 degrees with a heat index of 112 degrees. Time for a dip!!!

04 June 2010

Just to give everyone an idea of where our tower is located on Hilton Head. We have many lagoons, too many to count, for the osprey to fish near our office as well as shallow creeks and major waterways.
Last year our male, Benecio, had no trouble supplying his family with an abundance of fish. If my memory is correct I believe he caught at least eleven flounder in one week.

02 June 2010

Our pair is back on the platform continuing to fortify the nest. We didn't see much of them over the weekend...guess they took the holiday off as well.
The outer east edge of the nest, below the camera, has a nice rim of twigs and moss. It appears they are now working on the west side to fill in the gaps of the nest floor. With all the work these two are doing to repair the nest, hopefully they'll be able to keep it for next year's season.