28 February 2011

Both male and female have been on the nest together for an extended period of time, late morning and into the afternoon. We’ve been a bit reserved in considering these two a pair (couple) as of yet since we haven’t noticed much interaction besides one mating occurrence on 15 February. This new pair has mated today at 12:07p.m., 12:33 p.m., and again at 12:41.

The male has occupied the nest since 19 January and seems to have established himself as the new resident along with his new mate. They have been chasing off other osprey and maintaining ownership of the platform. As others have mentioned these two still have work to do on the nest. If the two continue nest building at the current rate they should have it ready for egg laying, though speeding it up a bit would probably make us all feel a bit better.

I updated our osprey gallery to included a few of the photos taken in 2011. I'll be posting more later in the week. I hope you enjoy them!


22 February 2011

The young male on the platform seemed a bit agitated this morning around 7:30 flapping his wings and looking around. This may be the beginning of competition for the nest. Time will tell with that.

The young male continues to bring spanish moss, sticks, and pine cones to the platform increasing the depth and width of the nest.

18 February 2011

Good morning bloggers!

From reviewing the pictures from previous seasons to the osprey we have on our nest as of 2011, this current pair is new to our platform. They both have been quite busy the past few days repairing the nest and taking time out to to snack on a fish.

With the beautiful warm weather we've been experiencing the osprey should have no trouble with mending the nest.

17 February 2011

We have a male and female on the nest and appeared yesterday to have attempted to mate. Both osprey have been bringing new nesting material to the platform with most of their activity focused on the east side of the platform, directly below the camera.

Optimistically, these two will overcome last year's obstacles and establish the platform as their own and be given the opportunity to build a nest and with any luck little osprey to raise.

16 February 2011

The two photos were taken on Tuesday, February 15, at 7:02 a.m. and 7:13 a.m.

09 February 2011

Another photo from 2:38 this afternoon.

We have another sighting today on our nest. This photo was taken just before 2pm today. An osprey is currently on our platform as of this post.
We haven't noticed any osprey activity on the platform since January 19th other than an occassional crow wandering about the nest. With the platform unattended throughout 2010, the nest fell apart. One of our warehouse roofs can be seen through the osprey platform. There are still stick and spanish moss materials on the platform underneath the camera area for the osprey to spread around. A committed osprey pair will have to be diligent with making this platform their home this season.