21 June 2011

One of the juveniles is feeding itself as seen in the photo, top right. The other juvenile may be feeding itself as well because it was attempting to steal the fish away. Nice to see the two progressing.

19 June 2011

The heavy rains that have passed through our area for the last few days has finally cleared the lens housing quite nicely and we all can see the osprey on the tower once again. They just need to keep their aim to the North and South of the camera.

Both chicks, or should we say juveniles now, seem to be healthy and have been exercising their wings. The parents continue to maintain the nest and feed their young.

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there watching our nest!!

17 June 2011

Bea feeding TE, top of the picture, and MKD, towards the bottom.

15 June 2011

Our two chicks, MKD and TE, are now 6 weeks old and have grown significantly. Unfortunately for all of us their aim upon relieving themselves has been directed at our camera preventing us from watching them transform from gawky chicks to full feathered juveniles. They both have been flapping their wings in order to strengthen their muscles in anticipation of fledging, which is usually in 7 - 9 weeks of age and they will continue to roost on the nest for about another month. With the tower being 100’ high the first flight is always a tense moment.

Bea is still feeding MKD and TE, though they will soon begin feeding themselves. Juveniles will sometimes fly along the male begging for food while he hunts. Juvenile ospreys usually catch their first fish 2 – 8 weeks after fledging.

In 2009, the osprey parents would sit on the communications equipment and squawk at the young possibly enticing their young to take flight. We’ll have to see what approach Bea and Jasper take with their two. Hopefully by then, if not sooner, we’ll have rain to clear the camera housing lens.

On a side note…I’ll be taking a vacation beginning next week, but will be checking the blog to post your comments as I get an opportunity. Also, we would like to thank everyone for their patience with the lens being blurred.

07 June 2011

Updated news from other nests...

Friends at Blackwater log reports that they have three chicks that appear to be doing fine despite the intense heat and humidty.

The Dunedin nest is having trouble with it's fledgling ospreys.

The Loch of the Lowes reports that their pair is having to contend with interference from other birds and the incubation of their eggs has become intermittent.

The Hailuoto - Marjaniemi nest reports that their first and second egg hatched yesterday, June 6.

At the Loch Garten nest their two chicks are growing fast as well as experiencing a heat wave the past day.

03 June 2011

Hilton Head had a little bit of rain on the south end of the island during the night. From what we can tell the nest appears dry so we're not sure if mid island received any rain. The camera is still blurred and the high humidity is not helping. We are expecting possible showers this eveing so hopefully the lens will clear from its present state.