29 March 2012

Our viewer Peter spotted Bea and Jasper's third egg.

26 March 2012

It appears Bea laid the second egg about 5:30 Monday evening.

24 March 2012

Bea laid the first egg of the 2012 season either the evening of March 23rd or Saturday morning the 24th. Bea should lay eggs one to three days apart.

Nesting Facts
Clutch Size
1–4 eggs
Number of Broods
1 broods
Egg Length
2.2–2.7 in
5.5–6.8 cm
Egg Width
1.7–2 in
4.2–5 cm
Incubation Period
36–42 days
Nestling Period
50–55 days
Egg Description
Cream to pinkish cinnamon; wreathed and spotted with reddish brown.
We have our first egg. Unfortunately the web service is acting up. We'll try and get it corrected as soon as possible.

19 March 2012

Hopefully soon we'll see Bea sitting on some eggs. Last year the eggs were laid March, 25th, 28th, and 31st. The pair continues adding material to the platform, increasing the size of the nest, which does not have a definitive "bowl" shape as of yet.

Bea and Jasper first appeared on the nest February 20th and began mating the next day. Incubation is usually five to six weeks and if the eggs are fertile, will hatch in the order that they are laid. Next week will begin the 5th week since the pair first began mating and we could possible see eggs then. The typical clutch size is three eggs, but a cluth can range from one to four eggs. Since our osprey cam went live we have never had more than three eggs laid. Osprey eggs are about the size of large hen eggs and are a mottled brown, cinnamon color.

13 March 2012

Since not much is going on with our pair, Bea and Jasper, we thought we would check out other osprey sites:

Over at the Dunedin Nest they have three eggs as of February 23rd and
Blackwater Refuge is expecting their osprey's to return around March 17th.

Hopefully Bea will soon lay eggs and our pair can start raising another brood.

12 March 2012

It's still a waiting game with Bea and Jasper as far as eggs are concerned. They continue to mate and bring nesting material to the platform. Still hoping to see them build up their nest, but they seem pretty content with the way it is. Some viewer's saw what they thought was a small hawk on the nest over the weekend. Not sure what it was, but they'll need to keep it away once Bea lays eggs.

05 March 2012

Bea and Jasper continue to control the nest as the first pair are still making attempts to retake control. From what we've seen Bea and Jasper are the more dominant pair.

The nesting skills haven't improved much since last year, but I guess in time they'll learn.  Bea is spending most of her time on the nest and at times with her head down. Last year the first egg was laid March 25th so we are on schedule as far as last year's timeframe.