29 May 2012

GV and RJ are approaching 4 weeks of age and are progressing nicely. The nest fared well from Beryl during Sunday's high winds, but it appears that we are in for round 2. Tropical Depression Beryl is passing by so fishing may bit a little difficult for Jasper today.  Though, as of this post, Jasper just brought in yet another flounder.

25 May 2012

It looks as though new sticks have been brought to the nest and placed on the perimeter to keep GV and RJ away from the edge.  Blogger Vivian noted about the url to the osprey cam. We changed our domain name from palelec.com to palmetto.coop about 5 - 6 years ago, so please check your url and make sure it is http://www.palmetto.coop/community/osprey/env_osprey.asp

The last two days GV is allowing RJ to eat so there is a bit more harmony on the platform.

We hope everyone has a fun and safe Memorial Day weekend and we also want to commemorate all the men and women, who have died in military service for the United States.

21 May 2012

It appears that GV is intimdating RJ when fish is brought to the nest and is blocking RJ's attempts to eat. Bea feeds GV first and if allowed, RJ will get an opportunity to eat. GV is a bit larger than RJ at this point and RJ needs to make the most of the available fish. Luckily, the fish that Jasper is bringing are large enough to feed all of them. It's not a matter of a lack of fish, it's just the GV is aggressive and showing authority of RJ.

16 May 2012

It's been two weeks since GV was hatched and you can see how much the chicks have grown in comparison to the remains of the third egg.

The chicks are now following Bea about the nest attempting to stay in her shadow. They are walking about the nest, somewhat clumsily at times, and using their wings to support themselves. We should soon see the chick's downy fuzz being replaced with growing feathers.

15 May 2012

Fifteen photos have been added to the photo gallery. I'm trying to catch up and add photos as I get a chance.

Hope you enjoy them. 8-)

09 May 2012

Bea has moved the third egg to the outer edge of the "nest bowl" (see arrow). No idea what happened to the chick and why it was unable to break through its shell.

GV and RJ are sprouting like weeds and as viewer Peter noted, both chicks are pretty equal in size. We'll have to see if GV is dominant over RJ or if they both call it a draw.

Chicks fighting each other can be quite brutal and hard to watch. This is a natural and an adaptive behavior. The aggressive behavior allows the dominant chick to receive its meal before other chicks and ensures a regulating brood size of healthy, strong chicks that can be raised on the available food.

As of this post, GV and RJ decided to duke it out. Each one getting in some hard blows while Bea was off to the side preening herself.  We'll have to see how nice the two siblings remain to each other.

08 May 2012

The third egg has a hole in the shell and appears the chick did not survive.  Even if the chick did hatch we wondered how it would compete for food from its older siblings. The egg will most likely be discarded by Bea as the two chicks get older.

GV and RJ have grown significantly after hatching less than a week. As their appetite grows so will Jasper's job of catching fish for them.

07 May 2012

There is still hope for the third egg to hatch. Today marks the 39th day of incubation. If the chick does hatch, it will have a lot of catching up to do.

04 May 2012

Today marks the 36th day of incubation for the third egg. GV and RJ will have a definite advantage over the third chick if and when it hatches.

Jasper has be provideing fish at regular intervals and the chicks have been stuffing themselves until they fall asleep.

03 May 2012

The second chick hatched this morning before 6:30 a.m. Thursday, May 3rd. The incubation was 38 days. The second chick's name is RJ.

02 May 2012

Our first chick hatched at 2:53 p.m. on Wednesday, May 2, 2012. Incubation was 39 days. The chick's name is GV.