30 April 2013

KG and JB are coming along nicely with their development. KG, the one upright, is slightly larger and is beginning to show dominance over JB. The third chick has still not hatched and today marks the 42nd day since the egg was laid.

With KG and JB being further developed, I don't believe the third chick would survive if it does indeed hatch.

28 April 2013

The third chick has yet to hatch, which may be for the best in the long run. If it does hatch it would be at a great disadvantage to its older and stronger siblings.

26 April 2013

Today marks the 38th day since the third egg was laid. Hopefully we'll see the third chick soon, which will have a disadvantage to its siblings.

24 April 2013

We have our second chick, JB.

JB hatched either last night or this morning which would make 38/39 days since the egg was laid.  

23 April 2013

I am pretty certain I saw the chick moving inside the egg so the second chick could hatch some time this afternoon.
From what I noticed earlier this morning, one of the remaining eggs has a hole in it. It could be the second chick attempting to hatch. Hopefully the egg/chick is not damaged. We'll soon see.

22 April 2013

Update: Bea finally got up long enough for us to catch a glimpse of the back of the chick, KG.

We believe we have our first chick!!! It hatched around 12:20 this afternoon. The chick will be named KG.  The arrow is pointing to what looks to be part of the egg shell.

I've been delaying the post to get a photo of the chick, but Bea is keeping the remaining eggs and chick warm since it is in the upper 50's.

Today marks the 40th day since the first egg was laid. We could see a chick any time now. The eggs will hatch in the order that they were laid.

18 April 2013

Over at Friends of Blackwater....


While our ospreys are making good progress on the nesting material, we're still puzzled that they're allowing a pair of Great horned owls on the nest at night. We're not sure what will happen once an egg is laid, but hopefully the ospreys will be able to chase off the owls for good.   Go to their site

11 April 2013

Since not much is happening on our nest I thought I'd link to a video of osprey's fishing:


09 April 2013

We’re one day away from 4 weeks since the first egg was laid on March 13. The other eggs were laid March 16th and 19th. Last year the two eggs hatched after 39 and 38 days. The third chick never hatched.

Bea and Jasper have been steadfast with incubating the eggs, so we are anticipating late April for the chicks to appear.

02 April 2013

With Bea and Jasper incubating their three eggs, let’s see what’s going on at other nest sites.

The Dunedin nest had their first egg laid March 16. No other updates on their website about egg activity.

Blackwater Refuge may have competition for the nest.

A pair of Great Horned Owls and their two chicks have taken over the osprey nest at Kentucky Environmental Education Projects

Over at the Loch of the Lowes, Lady has returned

The Rutland Ospreys are settling in at Manton Bay.