04 July 2013

2013 Osprey Season

We had another successful season at our osprey platform with Bea and Jasper returning for their third year. The pair was patient with us as we installed a new camera, which provided a full view of the nest (no more panning back and forth). Our pair arrived mid February and immediately began preparing the nest. This year both Bea and Jasper constructed quite the nest as their parenting skills have much improved. 

Three eggs were laid on March 13, 16, and 19. The first chick, KG, hatched April 22nd, the second chick, JB, hatched April 23rd, and the third chick never hatched. This year was the first for us where the two siblings didn’t have much rivalry between themselves. As in previous years, Jasper provided their young with plenty of fish. 

KG and JB grew quickly and JB was the first to fledge 58 days after hatching on June 20th. KG fledged 60 days after hatching on June 21st. Bea and Jasper, KG, and JB are still nearby, just out of view of the camera. They all will most likely migrate soon or in August. 

We want to thank all of our osprey viewers and bloggers in joining us watch Bea, Jasper, KG, and JB. It’s always nice to interact with our viewers and to get a peak of the wildlife on the island. The camera will still be in operation as well as the blog so keep your posts coming. Thanks for another successful osprey season and have a great summer!!