29 April 2014

Since BK and CR hatched Easter weekend they have nearly doubled in size. Jasper has been bringing in a sufficient amount of food to feed the two hungry chicks. We are anticipating showers and thunderstorms tonight through Friday so Jasper may find a bit of difficulty in fishing for his family during this timeframe.

There has been a bit of aggression between the two chicks, but nothing overwhelming. There doesn't seem to be a clear winner in these fights since both are close in age. If there was more timespan between the two chicks then we might see fratricide, where a chick kills the other through biting and pecking. Just after the above picture was taken Jasper brought a fish to the nest. CR immediately began pecking BK while BK ate. After several minutes of been attacked BK turned and fought back with CR submitting to BK.  Bea did not interfere with the fighting, as is normal. She eventually moved to CR's side and fed him/her.

24 April 2014

The two chicks have been named BK and CR. In each photo BK is on the left and CR on the right. BK has a darker forehead and the white stripe on its back is a bit wider and more prominent.

23 April 2014

The two chicks seem to be doing fine. The incubation dates for each egg:
  • 1st egg laid 03/07/14
  • 2nd egg laid 03/10/14
  • 3rd egg laid 03/13/14
  • 1st chick hatched 04/19/14
  • 2nd chick hatched 04/20/14
So it was either 43, 40, or 38 days for the incubation time period. Most likely the first egg laid was the one destroyed by the crow since the chicks hatch in approximately 40 days.

hatch after approximately 40 days
hatch after approximately 40 days
hatch after approximately 40 days
approximately 40 days

20 April 2014

The two chicks have hatched. It appears one chick hatched Saturday and the second on Sunday.

14 April 2014

We still have the two eggs as of this morning at 6:56.

10 April 2014

Throughout the morning both Bea and Jasper have taken turns incubating their two eggs and each parent has seemed restless, constantly turning the eggs. Tomorrow marks the 35th day since the first egg was laid, so we could witness the first chick hatching soon.

04 April 2014

The osprey nesting platform at the Coastal Museum, which was donated by Palmetto Electric and Santee Cooper, had three ospreys on it already. Check out Coastal Museum's Facebook page.
Today marks the 28th day that the first of three eggs were laid. We were not able to determine which egg was lost due to a crow destroying one of the eggs. While the parents, Bea and Jasper, were away defending their nest from an intruder osprey a crow came in and pecked a hole in one of the eggs. We will have to wait to see on what day the chicks hatch to attempt to determine which egg was lost.

01 April 2014

Thought we would post information about other sites while our pair contiues to incubate their eggs. We continue to have an intruder osprey frequent the platform.

Friends of Blackwater
It appears that they have a pair actively constructing a nest and mating.

The Scottish Wildlife Trust
The Scottish Wildlife Trust is delighted to announce the return of the resident female osprey at Loch of the Lowes, near Dunkeld.
The female osprey, known affectionately by many as ‘Lady’, estimated to be in her late 20s, has been returning to the reserve for the past 24 years and could be the oldest breeding osprey in the UK.

Chesapeake Conservancy
The Chesapeake Conservancy is expection their osprey couple, Tom and Audrey, back from their Journey to South America this past winter.