23 February 2015

The nest is beginning to take shape as both Bea and Jasper have been adding sticks and moss since their arrival a few weeks back. The two have been mating frequently and Jasper has been providing Bea with fish.

Last year eggs were laid March 7th, 10th and 13th so it's possible we could see a clutch soon as the pair arrived a bit earlier this season.

12 February 2015

Welcome to the 2015 Osprey Season

Welcome to a new osprey season at Palmetto Electric Cooperative located on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.  

Our pair, Bea and Jasper, have returned for their fifth season atop our communications tower located at our district office off Mathews Drive. Bea was the first to appear on the platform February 2 at 7:26 a.m. followed by Jasper on February 10th around 12:24 p.m. The pair began mating already so it's possible we could have a earlier clutch this season than last year. 

The 2014 season presented Bea and Jasper with three eggs, two of which hatched. One was broken by a crow while Bea was chasing away an intruder osprey. Since 2011 Bea and Jasper have produced 8 fledglings.

We want to thank our viewers for joining us for this year's osprey season.

10 February 2015

We have a male osprey on the nest that could be Jasper. We have yet to confirm it. The winds are making the camera a bit shaky so the images are not as clear as we'd like them to be.

The male appeared at 12:24 today and the female is being responsive to him. If the winds calm a bit we'll take more photos to confirm if it's Jasper.

09 February 2015

From the distinct eye markings the female osprey is Bea. We had a male on the nest February 3, but it was not Jasper. The new male did not stay long - about 10 minutes. Last year Jasper arrived February 10 so he could be arriving any time. If Jasper does not return Bea could pair with a new male. We're not counting Jasper out yet as hopefully he is on his way back to Hilton Head.

02 February 2015

We have an osprey on the platform this morning and at first glance it looks a lot like Bea. We'll take photos and attempt to match her markings from previous years. If it is her hopefully Jasper will be arriving soon.