30 April 2015

Not sure if it was Bea or Jasper that brought a pine tree limb section to the nest. Just shows how strong an osprey is.

29 April 2015

28 April 2015

This week marks the seventh week since all three chicks hatched. Since then they have grown tremendously. DG is expressing more dominance over the other two chicks AA and WC. It is possible that DG is the oldest. We've always noticed the eldest of chicks being the dominant sibling where more than one exist. We couldn't get close up pictures of the first born until the second chick arrived so we may be mistaken of who actually hatched first AA or DG. 

For the books though we have AA first and DG second. The three continue to do well and they are beginning the growth of their pin feathers while maintaining their brownish fuzz.

23 April 2015

DG - top
AA - middle
WC - bottom

The chicks, AA and DG, are now moving about the nest. WC hasn't ventured too far yet from the center.

20 April 2015

Afternoon feeding. All chicks appear to be doing well.

DG - AA - WC

15 April 2015

For those viewers that keep track of our nest events, here's our lineup:

1st egg:
Date Laid:  03/02/15
Date Hatched:  04/10/15
Total Days:  39
Name:   AA

2nd egg:
Date Laid:  03/05/15
Date Hatched:  04/11/15
Total Days:  37
Name:   DG

3rd egg:
Date Laid:  03/07/15
Date Hatched:  04/13/15
Total Days:  37
Name:   WC

14 April 2015

Stomachs full of fish after their lunch meal

The new additions to Bea and Jasper's family. Believe WC is lower left, AA lower right, and DG background.

It appears the third chick has hatched, but we currently are unable to have a clear view. The third chick is named WC, which hatched Monday evening or Tuesday morning.

13 April 2015

The third chick is in the process of hatching!!!!

Update as of 2:00 p.m. April 13, 2015

The third chick has made a little progress in opening the shell. The process of chipping away at the shell can be very tiring and can take several hours.

As of Monday, April 13, we have two chicks AA and DG. We are anxiously awaiting the third chick to arrive. The first chick, AA, hatched either late evening on the 10th or early on the 11th. Following AA's lead DG hatched in the same manner, late on the 11th or early on the 12th.

There is possibly a pip in the the third egg. We'll post any information as it happens.

12 April 2015

We have our second chick named DG.

11 April 2015

We have the first chick of the 2015 season. The chick hatched either April 10th or early on the 11th. The chicks name is AA.

10 April 2015

It appears Bea and Jasper have a pip in an egg. As mentioned in a previous post "Pipping" refers to the process of the chick initially breaking through the shell, using a hard projection on its bill called the egg tooth. The resulting hole is the "pip" that the chick then enlarges to finish hatching. We might see a chick today! :)

08 April 2015

Bea has seemed a bit impatient and unable to sit still today. Maybe she senses a chick to be hatching soon.

07 April 2015

Today marks the 36th day since the first egg was laid. It could be any time now that we could see the first chick. Stay tuned....

06 April 2015

AS of 2:14 pm today the cam is back up and running on our web site: 

Until we have the image posting again on our website, here is a screen shot of Jasper and the three eggs.