23 June 2015

WC in the above picture has been quite active with flapping its wings and jumping about the nest today. Hopefully a sign that this juvenile, that has endured so much, may soon fledge.

Just a note to our bloggers... I'm beginning a vacation tomorrow afternoon, but will check in to post any comments.

Updated 6/24/15
Another flounder for WC

19 June 2015

AA finally fledged this past week so WC is the last juvenile to take flight.

WC's feathers are returning on its upper back where DG tore them off. We anticipate WC fledging later than its siblings due to it being the runt of the three chicks. 

When the osprey family is not in view of the camera they often are sitting on antennae out of the camera's view, on a nearby tree, or on lower sections of the tower itself.

12 June 2015

AA, the oldest of the three, hovered over the nest for a period of time so this juvenile might be fledging soon.

10 June 2015

From left to right - WC, AA, DG (top) and Bea
DG has officially fledged as of June 9, 2015. We have yet to see AA take flight. WC is increasingly flapping its wings and watching DG.

Only two on the nest, AA and WC, morning of June 10, 2015.

09 June 2015

After a morning meal with all three eating. (DG, AA, WC)

05 June 2015

Bea is watching over the three juveniles from an antennae attached to the tower.

Today marks the 8th week since the first chick hatched. DG, the second chick, is the most active potential fledgling - jumping up and down and actually has hovered over the nest for about five seconds today. AA isn't far behind with its attempts in hovering. WC, the youngest chick, has begun flapping its wings in its attempts to strengthen its wings. WC has been doing better the past week and has received less abuse from DG, though yesterday the little one had a set back, but seems to have overcome it. WC has grown as well, but still has far to go to reach the size of its siblings.

Check back as we may soon see two juvenile ospreys flying overhead our Hilton Head office.

04 June 2015

WC had another confrontation with DG.

Today marks the first time that WC has stretched its wings and constantly flapped them which is very encouraging. The third chick is half the size of the other two, but it is a great sign that the smallest chick might fledge. We're keeping our fingers crossed.

03 June 2015

In the past few days we are pleased to say that WC has been able to eat at a consistent basis and has been unmolested by DG. It is apparent that WC is getting more nutrition as he/she has filled out more in the last days. We anticipate WC's feathers to regrow along its back and neck, as long as DG leaves WC alone.

02 June 2015

DG, AA, & WC 

It's encouraging to see WC eating this early in the day. AA had a few bites as WC made its way over to Bea. As Jasper brought the fish in WC immediately got into a defensive position, but DG never approached WC. Maybe this is the sign we've all been waiting for where WC is concerned. If WC can eat a lot of fish in the next week or so,  maybe the little one can catch up to its siblings.