26 January 2016

Welcome to the 2016 Osprey Season

We are beginning our 2016 osprey season at Palmetto Electric Cooperative located on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.  

We currently have a male osprey on the platform which looks very similar to Jasper. We are attempting to determine if it's him. If our previous pair Bea and Jasper return, it will be their sixth season atop our communications tower located at our district office off of Mathews Drive.

Since 2011 Bea and Jasper have produced 11 fledglings, the most productive pair since 2007 when the osprey cam was installed.

We've already been chatting with a few bloggers this year and want to thank our current viewers and welcome any new viewers/bloggers for joining us for this year's osprey season.


Anonymous said...

Many thanks to Palmetto Electric Cooperative
for allowing us to watch these beautiful Ospreys.

Celebrating the beauty of nature in HH for 6 years!!


moderator said...

We feel quite confident that the male osprey is Jasper due to head and eye markings. We have yet to see Bea.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!!
Jasper is back ❤️


Anonymous said...

When the pine cones arrive in the nest we will know that Bea has returned.

Anonymous said...

Wow! 01/27/2016
Wonderful. Thank you.

birdgirl said...

Thanks for the beautiful closeups of Jasper (I hope) this morning. It is wonderful to be starting the 2016 Osprey season. Just waiting now for Bea!

Vivian, GA