17 February 2016

We have our first egg of the 2016 season. Viewer Beth, from Ohio, spotted the egg last evening about 6:12 p.m.

This egg is the earliest one laid for Bea and Jasper. All of their previous eggs were laid in March:
  • 2011 - March 25th
  • 2012 - March 24th
  • 2013 - March 13th
  • 2014 - March 7th
  • 2015 - March 2nd
This will mark the 16th egg the pair has had since their arrival in 2011. Last year was the first season the pair had a successful clutch of three eggs, all of which fledged.

The red glow seen in the photos is from the beacon light located to the right side of the platform. This beacon is necessary due to our close proximity to Hilton Head's airport.

Clutch sizes can range from 1 - 4, though we have always have three. Both Bea and Jasper will incubate the egg(s) though Bea will spend the majority of her time incubating.

Eggs vary considerably in coloration but typically have a cream-colored base with blotches of some secondary color. The eggs usually hatched a few days apart so we could see another today or in the coming days. Stay tuned!!

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