03 March 2017

Bea has laid another egg, totaling 5 at this point. The first three eggs fell through the thin base of the nest. Five eggs is a first for us since we have had the camera since 2007.


Anonymous said...

OM goodness, we have 2 eggs!


Dennis M NJ said...

Wow that is awesome

Anonymous said...

Great news!
Olga. ON.

Anonymous said...

Go Bea!

birdgirl said...

That's Nature at its best!!! Hope all goes well for Bea and Jasper as the season progresses!

Vivian, GA

Dennis M NJ said...

how long does it take before the eggs hatch

moderator said...

Hey Dennis,

Ospreys will normally lay two to four eggs, at an interval of one to two days apart, although sometimes three days. Incubation lasts around five or six weeks, and if the eggs are fertile, they will hatch in the order they were laid.
The fourth egg was laid February 27 so we could expect the chick to hatch somewhere about April 3, 2017. The fifth egg was laid March 3 and could potentially hatch around April 7, 2017.

Anonymous said...

Great view of the nest this year. So glad we have two eggs. Bummed about losing the other three. I hope we have a great season.
Mary Pat
Adamstown, MD